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Face + Body Waxing

We use only the finest waxing products to give you a flawless smooth finish. We do not double dip and use a new stick each application. Our Waxing Services are for Women & Men.

BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT… Please inform your esthetician if you are using any medical products, such as Retina-A, Hydroquinone, Acutaine, or any other medical-grade products where waxing is not advised.

* - Represents services that start at the base price reflected and can increase from this starting price point.

Please read the following warnings to ensure a successful and safe waxing experience: Waxing Contraindications or best results hair growth should be at least 1/4″ long (quarter inch).  For Bikini area: Minimum 2 weeks without shaving Waxing is our Specialty: All our estheticians are trained to be as fast, efficient and as gentle as possible.

Deep Breath, You are with the Experts!

Facial Waxing


$17 - Brow Sculpting
$15 - Lip

$15 - Chin

$17 - Ears

$17 - Nose

$40 - Face



Body Waxing

$70 - Brazilian

$35 - Bikini 
$45 - French Bikini

$27 - Stomach 

$37 - Arms
$25 - Under Arms

$27 - Half Arm
$67 - *Full Leg

$47 - Upper Leg 
$37 - Lower Leg

$250 - *Full Body



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